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Forbes cover - Exponea

less than 1 minute read

The article mentions that in just two years our company has gone from merely 6 to 113 employees, and still quickly growing, as well as now being on four cont...

[Talk] Data Science Club

less than 1 minute read

My presentation Introduction to natural language processing.

[Co-founder] Data Science Club

less than 1 minute read

Participated in co-creation of Data Science Club, a platform that supports transfer of ideas between academic and industry research related to data science, ...

[Research] Paper accepted at RecSys 2017

1 minute read

I attended the 11th ACM Recommender Systems conference (RecSys 2017) which is leading international conference focused on research in recommender systems.

[Review] Real World Machine Learning

2 minute read

The book is divided into two parts. First part deals with machine learning workflow and the second part consists of five practical examples. The book is focu...